I have studied with a number of inspirational teachers (Mike Dooley, Sonia Choquette, Gabby Bernstein) and have gathered some of the key points to creating the life that you want. Here are some quick tips below that have really helped me manifest many beautiful things in my life:

  1. Write down your wish(es) in a journal or create a vision board and post on your wall. 
  2. Always add the words “or better” after the wish as it leaves more room for miracles.
  3. Put your wish down on a piece of paper, place it in a creation box for a few days, and then burn it (release it to the Universe) trusting that it will come true.
  4. Visualize daily (only takes a few minutes) the wish coming true so a day in the future where it all comes together. Try to visualize outcomes not the nitty gritty details or the hows. The key when visualizing is that you get into the feeling behind the wish. See yourself feeling so happy and alive as it comes true surrounded by all those that you love congratulating you.  I sometimes find myself tearing up from the feeling.
  5. Turn your wish into an affirmation and recite it out loud multiple times a day.
  6. Ask for help from your angels and spirit guides. They are all around you and willing to do anything that you ask of them as long as it is not harmful to you or someone else. We each have a divine support system that is readily available to intercede whenever we need it.  Always remember to thank them for their help.
  7. Express gratitude every day as if your wish has already come true. Write it down. Thank you Universe for granting me this wish.
  8. One of the most important keys is to choose your pathway to action as you must do something to make this wish come true. Take baby steps but do something every day in pursuit of your wish. Put a reminder in your calendar to visualize, to recite it, to take action, and to ask for help. You may not feel ready and want everything to be just perfect before you start taking action, but if you wait, you may never do it.

Be confident that everything will come together, that you have everything within you to succeed. Don’t be afraid to let go of the trapeze. Take a leap of faith! 

Many happy wishes and blessings.



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