1. What is a holistic life coach?

As a holistic life coach, I guide clients to overcome challenges and achieve valued goals. Through patient listening, validation, and rethinking, clients get clear on where their passion lies and what their true choices are. Holistic life coaches do not give advice but instead draw out the clients own inner wisdom. By honoring and integrating body, mind, and Spirit, the client is able to reach maximum success and personal growth

2. How can a life coach help me?
  • Reconnect you with your authentic self
  • Find deep and transformative healing
  • Get the support you are seeking
  • Reclaim your health and happiness
  • Achieve your goals
  • Make big changes in your life
  • Feel empowered
  • Find clarity
  • Release guilt
  • Learn to fully love yourself
  • Align with your true purpose in life
3. Is life coaching covered by health insurance?

Most mainstream health insurance providers do not cover the costs of life coaching because it is not considered a mental health profession in the same way therapists and counselors are due to the fact that coaches  are not regulated by the state.

4. Where do you conduct sessions?

Online using Zoom and Skype video conferencing or in person if you live in the Boston area. My home office is in Andover, Massachusetts.

One of my specialties is coaching through the decluttering process and I have been effective conducting this online as well. 

5. How do I set up an appointment?

Please email or click on any of the free consultation areas on the site if you are interested in scheduling a 30 minute introductory coaching session. We can discuss an area in your life you may be feeling stuck, a goal you want to achieve, or any questions you might have. If we both are comfortable with progressing further, I will then set up a more formal appointment which generally runs 60 minutes in length. 

6. What are your fees and how do you accept payment?

For coaching sessions: It is $175 and includes the free consult, a 60 minute session, a follow-up email with action plan, homework, next steps, and a follow-up phone check within one week. Package pricing is available at a discount for booking 3 or 6 month coaching sessions so please inquire or reach out for a free consult if you are interested.

For reorganizing services: Quotations are provided upon request. Please reach out for a free consultation and we can discuss the options for your space. 

I accept most major credit cards, cash, checks, and payments via PayPal. Invoices and quotations are available upon request.

7. Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes and I ask for a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel an appointment. The full fee is charged for no shows and late cancellations. It’s no fun to have to charge you for this but our time is important and I want you to make coaching sessions a priority.

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What People Say

“Felt so much better after our session. Debbie has a very lovely manner. Listened well to my worries and then we got to work and came up with a doable plan! She has just the right blend of compassion and ability to lead the client in the right direction to reach her goals”.

Trish M. – Pilates Instructor & Nutritionist - Natures Intention, Reading, MA

“I’ve been putting off cleaning out my master bedroom closet because it seemed overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start. By listening and gentle guidance over video conference, Debbie helped me breakdown my reorganizing project into baby steps instead of thinking about doing it all at once. Once I began with taking baby steps, I ended up making much more progress than anticipated.”

Debbie B. – Sales Analyst - Coral, FL

“Debbie has helped me go from being overwhelmed to relieved as I sort through the things I no longer need so I can see what I actually have. She was instrumental in working with me to reorganize my master bedroom and home office spaces. I feel like I can actually tackle the rest of my home on my own which is a real feeling of empowerment knowing that I have the tools now to actually do this myself.”

Jenny N. – Director of Human Resources - Smith & Nephew, Andover, MA

"Debbie is compassionate and a great active listener. I felt supported and guided without judgement. She’s excellent at restating what she hears, in a productive framework, that allows for structured next steps toward growth. I also loved the very specific recommendations for reading that will support my journey, and suggestions for daily tools to use to help me remain “on task” in believing in myself.”

Kendra R. – Owner and Wellness Coach, Me Time Yoga & Wellness, Danvers, MA

“Debbie instantly puts you at ease. Creating a safe space where she listens and helps you uncover areas of resistance surrounding your goals. She gently helped me untie some of the knots that I had created over time that were holding me back from moving forward with small steps towards my vision. She provided just the encouragement I needed to take the next step towards my passion!”

Deborah S. Corporate Market Leader, Seattle, WA

“Imagine having a bright, clear, cheerful, heart centered friend who is completely-in-your-corner and the topic of conversation is your unique life becoming more joyous and fulfilling. That is a coaching session with Debbie.”

Maine S., Tax Attorney & Professional Speaker, Reno, NV

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