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For the last 25 years I have been working as a marketing consultant in the healthcare industry and dedicated both my professional and personal growth to helping others through transformation. Whether that is promoting a product/service, organizing an event, or caring for a friend or family member in need, I have a passion for coaching those who are spiritual and eager to make positive and healthy changes in their lives.

As a holistic health coach with a specialty in hormone health and weight loss, I honor my client’s awareness of the many levels of personal change involved in every life transition from a physical, mental, and spiritual perspective. My own journey started with a health scare causing me to pursue a new lifestyle, fitness routine, and nutritional plan for myself and family.

As I reached my early 50’s, facing a health challenge of very high cholesterol and a history of heart disease, I decided it was time to change the way I nurtured my body. Through Hay House and a Wayne Dyer radio show, I was introduced to Pam McDonald, Nurse Practitioner and Founder of the APO E Gene Diet and the best-selling book, The Perfect Gene Diet. This comprehensive work by Pam reveals the latest breakthrough in health and nutrition focusing on the APO E gene, which affects cholesterol levels, heart and Alzheimer’s disease, and much more. Through only six months of her health coaching program, my cholesterol is well within normal levels and I feel better than ever. By following her nutritional, exercise, and mindfulness plan for my specific gene type, it has literally changed my life.

As far as my credentials and life experience, I am an engineer by education with a master’s degree in business administration so have worked with both large and small companies and people of varying professions. Most of my career has been spent in project management so I have a strong background with setting and achieving goals, organizing and implementing programs, and training others to grow and succeed. I have a certification in health coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and a separate certification in hormone health. I also hold a certification in life coaching through Alan Cohen’s Foundation for Holistic
Life Coaching.

My home is in the Boston area where I live with my husband and 2 teenage boys. I am in my element when cooking healthy meals for my family and friends, reading and spending time in nature especially in the mountains hiking, kayaking, and skiing.

Debbie’s husband Dave is also involved with the coaching business and together they do a podcast called Welcoming Wellness and Wisdom. Dave is an engineer by training and has worked in various technical sales and marketing roles throughout his career. Along the way, he discovered that optimizing his health and maintaining a rigorous exercise program keeps him strong and physically fit. In his spare time, he enjoys running, hiking cross country skiing and organic gardening. 


My Personal Memories


Androscoggin River in northern New England (runs through NH and Maine)

Bear Notch Cross Country Ski Touring Center, Bartlett, NH

Debbie with husband Dave in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado

What People Say

“Debbie's holistic approach provides a productive and safe outlet to define new strategies to address stress, anxiety, sleep, nutrition and my career. The goals we set are achievable and sustainable, and have resulted in a renewed positive outlook to life. I highly recommend Debbie for her thoughtful and calm demeanor and her ability to provide personalized recommendations that really make a difference!” 

~ Gretchen U. – Rogers, Arkansas

"Debbie's holistic health approach has helped me define my goals, identify and diffuse obstacles, and develop and execute a plan to accommodate my busy lifestyle. She has restored my confidence and helped me find inner strength. I am so grateful for the encouragement and tools she has provided as I tackle my health challenges, declutter my home, and restore healthier relationships in my life."

- Suzanne N. - Katy, Texas

"I have been working with Debbie for the last 5 months on a health and wellness program and have not only lost almost 40 pounds and 4 clothing sizes but am feeling better than I have in the last 10 years. Shedding the weight is only part of it, as she has helped me develop a mindfulness practice that has improved my self esteem, relationships, finances, and career opportunities."

- Carol M. - Enterprise Account Director, Austin, TX

"Debbie has helped me in my journey to lose weight and in life coaching in general. Debbie gave me ideas that helped me lose 25 lbs in 4 months and she was fabulous at formulating a plan and helping me manage that plan. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in making improvements in their lives."

- Ken B., Sr Sales Director, Denver, Colorado.

"Debbie has a gift for peeling away the layers to get to the heart of the real work that needs to be done. Her approach is gentle, yet powerful. In Debbie you will find a partner who is committed to helping you reach your highest and best self."

- Mary P., Marketing Communications Manager, Newburyport, MA

“Felt so much better after our session. Debbie has a very lovely manner. Listened well to my worries and then we got to work and came up with a doable plan! She has just the right blend of compassion and ability to lead the client in the right direction to reach her goals”.

Trish M. – Pilates Instructor & Nutritionist - Natures Intention, Reading, MA

“I’ve been putting off cleaning out my master bedroom closet because it seemed overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start. By listening and gentle guidance over video conference, Debbie helped me breakdown my reorganizing project into baby steps instead of thinking about doing it all at once. Once I began with taking baby steps, I ended up making much more progress than anticipated.”

Debbie B. – Sales Analyst - Coral, FL

“Debbie has helped me go from being overwhelmed to relieved as I sort through the things I no longer need so I can see what I actually have. She was instrumental in working with me to reorganize my master bedroom and home office spaces. I feel like I can actually tackle the rest of my home on my own which is a real feeling of empowerment knowing that I have the tools now to actually do this myself.”

Jenny N. – Director of Human Resources - Smith & Nephew, Andover, MA

"Debbie is compassionate and a great active listener. I felt supported and guided without judgement. She’s excellent at restating what she hears, in a productive framework, that allows for structured next steps toward growth. I also loved the very specific recommendations for reading that will support my journey, and suggestions for daily tools to use to help me remain “on task” in believing in myself.”

Kendra R. – Owner and Wellness Coach, Me Time Yoga & Wellness, Danvers, MA

“Debbie instantly puts you at ease. Creating a safe space where she listens and helps you uncover areas of resistance surrounding your goals. She gently helped me untie some of the knots that I had created over time that were holding me back from moving forward with small steps towards my vision. She provided just the encouragement I needed to take the next step towards my passion!”

Deborah S. Corporate Market Leader, Seattle, WA

“Imagine having a bright, clear, cheerful, heart centered friend who is completely-in-your-corner and the topic of conversation is your unique life becoming more joyous and fulfilling. That is a coaching session with Debbie.”

Maine S., Tax Attorney & Professional Speaker, Reno, NV

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