Now that we all have more time on our hands to do those projects we’ve been avoiding, why not clear the clutter in your life. It is quite a wonderful feeling when you clean out a closet or drawer, toss and donate items that you don’t use or love, and actually see what you have. What I have found is that I use and love about 20% of what I own. So the 80/20 rule once again presides. 

Before I begin a project, I try to visualize what it would look like all cleaned up. When I do that first, it gives me a feeling of satisfaction and motivates me to move forward. I recommend starting with a small project and taking baby steps, that is one dresser drawer, one area of your closet (shoes, shirts, or pants) or one side of your basement. Break it down into small chunks and take no more than an hour or two so that it does not get overwhelming.

My process:  

  1. Decide on the small project
  2. Take a before picture
  3. Get 3 large bags: (1) for garbage, (1) for donations, and (1) for items to sell; also set aside an area for items to keep
  4. Start sorting your items
  5. Ask yourself, do I love this or have I used this in the last year? If the answer is no, then put it in one of your bags
  6. Take all the items that you set aside to keep and put them neatly back into your space. Often times, you don’t need anything special to reorganize an area. Just fold it or place it back into your drawer or closet.
  7. Take an after picture
  8. Ahhhhhh…..

Once a project is completed, I feel an immediate peace and calmness and the angst that I once felt disappears. By clearing clutter, it opens you up to all the magnificent possibilities that lie ahead in your life and gives you the clarity to actually pursue them. This is how I started my holistic life coaching and organizing business. It began with cleaning out my home office, my attic, my basement, my closets and drawers, and led me to realize that I can make a good living at this and so there it is. Happy organizing!

Take care and stay well.































































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